Fathom tools

Fathom consists of small individual tools that you can combine and use to learn whatever you want.


What is it?

FNS is a self-directed learning community where we're learning about programming and systems. It's organized around Learning Adventures, scoped, structured and documented learning experiments for individuals and groups.

It's structure its documented in an open manual for you to take and use for your own learning communities.

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What is it?

Credentials are essential for learning. They're how you communicate your experiences to others, whether that's learning organizations or employers. They're also used to measure your own learning, to understand what you know.

Assess is a peer-to-peer consensus protocol for creating and issuing credentials for any subject.

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How are we using it?

Assess isn't live yet, but it's being actively developed. We plan to use it to measure individuals learning, organize work, and much more.