Our Community

All of our work is open. We communicate and organize using Discord, and store our work in Gitlab. It's open for anyone to come and participate, or just hang out.

Check out this page for more on how we operate and how to contribute.

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About us

Fathom is an open community, not a fixed set of people. It's currently being driven by Jared Pereira.

Several others have contributed significantly over the years. Specifically we'd like to thank and highlight Julius Faber, Michiya Hibino, Antoine Estienne, Alex Singh, Kim Tamayo, and Saianeesh Haridas.

Our contribution guide

We organize ourselves and our work through our contribution guide. This is a living document that captures how we organize tasks, triage them, and allocate work. As well as how we keep ourselves accountable and visible to each other.

If you're interested in contributing your time to fathom, please check it out!