Announcing Fathom Grants

fathom's grant program for funding learning technology

Today we're launching Fathom Grants! It's a grants program offering funding from $500 to $10,000 for projects that create, sustain, and advance technology for people's learning.

Why a Grants Program

Fathom is a community project and as such doesn't have a core team or single entity doing the work to further it. Also, it's an ambitious project. We're not trying to build a single product but rather a "system for learning". That's a system in the sense that GNU is an operating system. It's a collection of technology, tools and systems, that people can use to learn.

Funding such a system like a traditional company doesn't make sense. We can't just build one product and call it a day. Instead, we want to create many small technologies that play nice with each other, to serve the learning of as many people as possible.

A grants process makes sense because we want to explore diverse visions for the future of learning. We don't want to invest just in what a small group of privileged people think learning should be, but instead empower people with drastically different perspectives to build technology for their visions.

Finally, we want to form a community of people engaging in this endeavor. This grants program is intended to kickstart a community engaged in the creation, criticism, and development of these systems.

How will it work?

We're trying to keep the process as minimal as possible. You can check it out here. This will evolve and change over time as we see what kind of response this gets and how people are engaging with it.

Each grant will be listed [here](/grants#past-grants**, describing it's goals and outcomes, along with a retrospective.

Get involved!

If you have a project that you think fits, we encourage you to apply for a fathom grant!

But even if not we'd love to have you participate, in shaping both this grants process, and fathom as a whole. Come hang out in our discord.

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