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Summer Time



The last two weeks have been very productive and things are heating up with Summer’s arrival!

Functional Fathom App

We, Antoine & Julius, started using a sprint-like approach to organize our work. While we fell short of our goals in the first sprint, we feel good about what we achieved and how we communicated about it. Specifically it led to the following results:

For the latter, we want to share two learnings from along the way: our preferred option, direct subscriptions via the web3-object, is not yet supported by Metamask – but hopefully it will be soon, as there are many people interested in it (and there also is a gitcoin bounty on it). Our second method of choice, websocket-connections to infura, did not work, either – it seems the connection is not stable as of yet, and it disconnects after about 30 seconds.

All in all, we now have a structure that stays in sync with the chain, and we enter the next iteration of frontend-design led by our new team-member Alex.


On another front, Alex has been working to produce the first prototype of the playground landing-page. We are currently collecting feedback on it and making slight adjustements. Stay tuned…


Following the rewrite of the core bridger library, we completed our first milestone in crafting a new UI. We began this phase by thinking through user needs and flows, a process which helped focus our design of component architecture.

Along the way we encountered plenty of challenges in defining and scoping out our work, but managed to complete this iteration with a codebase that is leaner and more modular than before. Some of our reflections are captured in this retrospective, and we take those lessons and resolutions with us into our next milestone, of rendering claims in a human readable way. More to come!


As our team grows, we are becoming more aware of the need to be explicit about our processes. This has led us to rewrite of our contribution guide, which you can find here.