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June Crunch Time


Lot’s of little pieces adding up to some good momentum.

A new team member!

For the next 2 months we’re going to be joined by Alex Singh a multi-disciplinary designer and entrepreneur.

Alex will be contributig to things across the board from the Playground to the applications we’re developing, bridger and the fathom-app!

Running with the Mathetics meetup!

We recently had our second mathetics meetup, coincidentally also featuring Alex. He gave a presentation on Mathetic primitivies, specifically questions and networks, looking into how we can use them and how they work.

You can find his slides here.

You can also see the recording for the first half of the presentation here (sadly the recording didn’t work for the second half).

Bridger rewrite

We finished up with the rewrite of the core bridger library and nuked our repository (if you look at it’s current state it’s pretty sparse)

This is because we’ve scrcapped the old UI and are currently working on rewriting it as well! We’ve also scrapped the CLI (though we might bring it back in the future)

You can take a look at some of our plans for the new UI in this issue and keep track of our work in this milestone

Process for the Playground

We’ve been iterating on several parts of the Playground, namely the funding process and an interview series.

The interviews are meant to provide some points of inspiration for learners in the playground. If you have people who’d be awesome to talk to please let us know

Moving forward we will be creating a landing page for the playground and focusing on improving the initial adventurer process to make it really easy for people to join in.


In the fathom-app we’ve been working on displaying transaction status easily in the application.

We’ve also been making a bunch of tweaks to the UI moving elements around.

Next, the plan is to implement event-handling.