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First Assessment!


Being in the same place for about 3 weeks, we hit a nice stride.

App-Prototypes: From many to one

We experimented a bit with truffle’s new drizzle-framework, but in the end decided to go for a classic react-redux app, handling all transaction and events ourselves.

After having experimented with the different views of our assessment app, we merged all of them together and built a first working prototype of our app. It is still very janky and is missing some basic parts such as proper monitoring of transaction status and event-listening, but it displays information on past, present and future assessments as well as methods to commit and reveal scores.

You can check it out on your local testnet, by following these instructions.

dev, dev, dev

We now have a development-version of the fathom-network on rinkeby. Other than the original protocol, it allows us to run assessments with only two assessors and cut out the challenge period after the commit period.

The central piece, the ConceptRegistry-contract, is at 0x4e1d76f88e31965be788d82c6154455dc7f02d84 and our FathomToken-contract is at 0x06caae3633578cff02e8e1c88b5421903777e4bb.

Next, we are working on making our development process more accessible, e.g. by creating scripts that modify truffle’s build folder to be aware of that deployed version of the network. That way it will become really easy for us to develop different versions of the frontend while interacting with the same network-instance.


Bridger is an app we’re developing to create and verify claims – check out the repo here. It provides a way for users to link their ethereum identities to other disparate accounts they own (e.g., their other web 2.0 identities) by creating verifiable claims around those identities. The goal is for individuals to bridge their various identities in ways they choose, enabling richer interactions around blockchain and distributed data.

Bridger began as a command line interface, and is now evolving into three apps – the command line, a web app, and a library we’ll be publishing to npm. We’ve been building out the web app in react and architecting it to manage various claim types and numerous claim instances. We’ve started implementing typescript and json-schema for stronger data validation. Next up, we’re working to unify the components into a single page, enable the chaining of claims, and improve the structures that organize the claim handlers. Stay tuned!

Roadmap in Milestones:

To be more aware of the bigger picture, we formalized our roadmap using GitLab’s Milestone-feature. It neatly combines issues into project- and group-level milestones and thus automatically reflects progress and changes to our plans.

For example, check out this milestone for our masterplan to launch the playground: It entails (in more or less detail) all the steps we need to complete until we will open the playground.

Among the active milestones right now, the one which is most close to completion right now is the “Run an assessment!”, which combines issues from bridger and the frontend-app, such as a new bridger claim-type to proof that one has earned a fathom-credential.

The Playground

The playground specification is now in its 3rd iteration, and we’ve moved its repo to github. We’re really excited with how it’s taking shape! We hope the description conveys both clearly yet concisely what the playground will be all about and how to participate.