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Prototyping away…


After agreeing on a vague roadmap, we have been happily hacking on its first steps, leading to various prototypes of the tools we eventually want to build:


For bridger we built a small command line interface to create and verify claims, with a first example linking an ethereum-address to a GitHub-identity. All it takes for a GitHub-user to prove to users that he controls an ethereum address is to post his address in a public gist. Metamask takes care of the signing and IPFS of storage. Next up is turning it into a web-app and producing better documentation. Visit this repo to learn more about it.

The fathom-app

Work has started on the fathom-app, our dedicated frontend for running and managing fathom-assessments. We decided to use react-redux as a framework, which we are now learning in the process. We aim to make that learning process and the mini-prototypes we produce accessible and reproducible by keeping it well documented and leaving trails of our decision-making by working issue-driven and discussing a lot in writing (instead of verbally).

For now, we building the different components of the app independently of each one another, starting with those two that will help us to experiment with assessments the fastest: First, components to view and run assessments. Second, components useful for creating and displaying activity (such as a user’s call to be an assessor or whether an assessment they participate in has moved to the next stage).

If you want to follow along check out these branches: dev-assessView and dev-dashboard. Another piece of the app that it is in the back of our heads, yet not really sketched out, is the concept-view which can be used to browse the concept-tree and create assessments.


With the fathom-app in its early stage, we needed some actual assessments to interact with. So we now have a test-friendly version of our protocol (shorter waiting times, no minimal number of assessors) on our development branch that can be deployed to the kovan or rinkeby-testnet. Expect to read about some simulations soon!


We finished implementing our token inflation mechanism. Basically, it is a lottery that distributes new tokens in regular intervals to those users who have risked their tokens by participating in assessments as assessors.

See this blogpost for a more detailed description and this merge request for the code of the minter-contract.

Mathetics Meetup

Heads up! Next monday will be the first iteration of our mathetics meetup: A one-hour decentralized meetup where we and whoever is interested will discuss different learning related topics (‘mathetics’ = science of learning). The first topic will be Talking to kids about the blockchain.

We’re on gitter!

Check out our gitter-channel, where we are giving (almost) daily standups and discuss small issues concerning our development process. Feel free to stop by, say hi, ask questions or tell us about something cool and education related that has come across your way.