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Weekly Recap 8: Happy Holidays!


These weekly recaps are becoming more monthly. A middle ground will probably be the most useful, biweekly or tri-weekly. As we figure out our development cycle/sprints/etc this will become clearer.


In the last month we’ve been dealing with mostly high level work on the chatrooms project (side note: if anyone comes up with a name let us no, internally we’ve been playing with “speakeasy”)

Our main focus has been getting events to work correctly, both listening for new ones and parsing past. You can take a look at some of this work in this merge request.

Moving forward we’re figuring out how to make metadata more generalized as to allow for “packages” of functionality to be loaded and easily used.

We’re also working on making the text input/command system cleaner, as well as getting notifications set up so that this stuff is somewhat usable.


A really fun part of our work has been around getting the token dynamics sorted out. We decided early on that we weren’t super interested in the idea of a token drop. This is for a couple different reasons (which we will explore in a blog post soon)

So, we want to distribute tokens in a rolling fashion to the participants of the network. In order to do this we need a definition or measure of participants in the network, which we pretty get from participants in assessments.

Essentially, in a given time period, participants in assessments enter a lottery for newly minted tokens. Participating in more assessments = more entries into the lottery. The similarities to PoW mining are pretty apparent.

The nice part of this is that it’s very easy to implement, and to then tweak the variables, such as issuance rate and amount.

The first part of this work is here

Push and Pull

Our current strategy has been to host content on this site and direct people to it when relevant. While this is handy, having to constantly check the website is not the best experience for anyone who wants to keep up with fathom.

With that in mind we’re setting up a newsletter. Updates will be more occasional than the blog, and will also include external content, and things we just generally find useful. You can click that earlier link to subscribe.

Book Club

For our next book we’re going to be reading either Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire or Mindstorms by Seymour Papert. If you have anything else, you think would be fitting, please send it our way.

That’s all for this weekly monthly update.