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Weekly Recap 4


Tad late again this week.

Chat rooms

We’re currently working on a bit of a refactor of the chatroom codebase. Previously it was essentially a POC exploring the idea of a chat based environment for interacting with and around smart contracts. We’re now taking that idea and putting it on a more solid foundation. This means handling state properly in the app, improving data flow, and building a real front-end on top of some best practices.

A lot of this work is being led by Michiya Hibino who just joined the team on Monday. We’re super excited to have him on board.


The whitepaper has now completed it’s first iteration. It is still missing some supplementary explanatory material, such as example assessment flows or a glossary but it includes a complete description of the main architectural components, a detailed walktrough of the protocol and the incentivization of the its actors. Moreover, it lays out a roadmap for all the components that are currently in the works and describes the first steps of how a fathom network will be instantiated to successfully grow towards a critical mass such that it will be self-sustainable and not vulnerable to malicious actors.

Smart Contracts

Throughout the last two weeks, the team has worked on the remaining MVP-issues that were crucial to ensure the correct incentivization of assessors. Therefore we finished the issues outlined two weeks ago

  1. Redistributing funds from dissenting assessors (merge request !65)

  2. Refactoring token flow through assessments (merge request !66)

  3. Dealing with tied assessments (merge request !64)

Moreover, we introduced a minimum size for assessments (minimum of five assessors), introduced a challenge period after the end of the commit phase and some smaller changes such as assuring changing seeds for the random calling of assessors.

Force11 Conference

Julius is preparing a talk at the Force11 conference, to talk about how blockchain technology can codify social protocols. We’ll try and make these materials available if there’s a need for them.

Book Club!

You can find the discussion for the first book we’re doing, Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich, here.

While this will result in a post on a fixed time period the discussion can continue afterwards and the post will be updated to reflect it. We’re still experimenting and thinking abotu how this can best work so this process could change.